How to Start A WhatsApp Tv and Make Six Figures in 4 Steps

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Did you know you can make a lot of money, I mean six figures if you start a WhatsApp Tv today?

Yes, you can earn a whopping six figures! The owners of 18+ WhatsApp status tv are currently making it big.

What is A Whatsapp Tv?

A Whatsapp Tv is a Whatsapp account used to distribute contents to viewers, who are basically your contacts, be it friends or people you do not even know on your Whatsapp status.

The contents provided can be in form of memes, news contents, sports, savage replies, movie links, adult contents, affiliate products or your personal products, etc.

Some of us accidentally run an unofficial Tv(s) on Whatsapp without knowing. There are personal accounts that have more than a thousand (1000) views, and they make nothing from it, because they do not know the opportunities, Whatsapp has packed for them.

Why you should Start a Whatsapp Tv

Making or earning money online from WhatsApp by starting a WhatsApp TV is a lucrative business on the internet right now.

Apart from the fact that you can make money pasting ads for people, you can also easily sell stuffs and get affiliate or referrals due to access to many people.

What you need to Create a Whatsapp Tv

The features Whatsapp Tv uses are the STATUS and WhatsApp Business App or The Standard Whatsapp App.

So what are the things you need to start a WhatsApp Tv and make a lot of money from it?

They are simply:

  • A smartphone
  • A WhatsApp App(standard or business)
  • An active phone number
  • A suitable business or brand logo
  • Source of contents ( twitter, reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Internet Connection

How to Start A WhatsApp TV (Elaborate Easy Steps)

To create a WhatsApp TV is quite easy.

It’s something anyone that operates a smartphone can do. It’s just same process with opening your normal WhatsApp account which you use for personal purpose.

Open another WhatsApp Account

The first thing to consider when you want to create a WhatsApp Tv is which phone number you want to use.

You may decide to use your personal phone number or get a new phone number for your brand.

After securing your preferred number, you can then proceed to opening your account.

But then at this stage, you must choose which of the WhatsApp apps you would like to use; the Standard or the Business App.

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Step-by-Step Method on How to Open an Account on Business App

  • Step 1: Install the Business App From Play Store
Installing The Whatsapp For Business App

If you do not have the app already, go to Google Play Store and type Whatsapp Business, install and open app to move to the next step.

  • Step 2: Register With The Chosen Phone Number and Verify
Register Your Phone Number
Verify Your Phone Number

Now is the time to register your chosen phone number for verification.

You have the option to change the country code of your number if you wish to use a non-Nigerian number.

Whatsapp sends verification code to the number entered, and you will have to enter the code to verify your phone number.

  • Step 3: Create Your Whatsapp Business Profile
Create Ypur Whatsapp Business Profile

This is where you customize your Whatsapp Business profile. The information you will need to provide include;

  1. Your Business (Whatsapp Tv Name)
  2. Category e.g Entertainment
  3. Business Description
  4. Business Address

Click on Next when you are done.

  • Step 4: Explore Business Tools
Explore Business Tools

This is the last step for opening your Business Account.

  1. Catalog: This where you would display your products and services. It is not a necessity for a Whatsapp Tv, but you can decide to use it.
  2. Messaging Tools : This messaging tools should be used sparingly, because misuse can lead to account ban.

Here’s a spoiler, when using the WhatsApp for business app, your number might be banned by WhatsApp for various reasons.

Reasons your Whatsapp Business Account might be banned


When you first start a WhatsApp TV, you may have to send same message(s) to a lot of people, either through broadcast or directly.

You may be reported as spam, especially when someone who doesn’t know you receives a message from you, and it didn’t sound clear, or the person just doesn’t like strangers.

It may even be because the person doesn’t want to join your TV or that you didn’t introduce yourself well.

Inappropriate Contents

Also, WhatsApp may find your contents to be against their rules, and ban your number.

You can only plea for your number to be unbanned once, if you’re blocked again, you can’t use WhatsApp Business with that Number again. But do not panic, you can still use it with normal WhatsApp (Standard WhatsApp).

Bulky Messages

Receiving too many messages from people in a very short while may also lead to accounts being banned

I would not advise someone just starting up a Tv to use the WhatsApp Business App. You can use it after you’ve grown so much.

Step-by-Step Method Of Opening A Whatsapp Tv Account for Standard App, is the same as Business App, excluding Step 4.

Source For Engaging Contents for your Whatsapp Tv

The main ingredient to building a great audience and retaining a huge fan base for your Whatsapp Tv is great and relevant contents.

This is what makes people unable to be stopped by either themselves or anybody from viewing every single update you post on your status and even repost which in turn even reaches a larger audience and they may decide to join your WhatsApp TV.

Your logo also does a lot in marketing your Tv, not even yourself will want to follow a brand with a poor logo, so if you can design a logo, please do as it will help you a lot. If you can’t, then you can pay someone to help you do that.

Make it simple, catchy, and relevant!

PS – If you need a logo designer, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll design a great logo for you at an affordable price.

How to Gain More Views for Your WhatsApp Tv

Building audience can seem to be quite tasking but, it is a two-way matter. If you do it right, it is not, but if you do it wrong, then it is.

I have seen people give up, because they did it wrong.

How Do I Get 1000 Views or More on My Whatsapp Tv?

The major problem most WhatsApp Tvs face, is gaining 1000 views, or more on their status.

Below are the best practices to get 1000+ viewers on your WhatsApp Tv:

Advertisements for your Newly Created Whatsapp Tv

Flyers are great method of advertising your WhatsApp Tv business. This is because they contain all necessary information about your business at a glance, with inviting views depending on the design quality.

Share your Tv link and flyers on groups or platforms with a large audience and take yours (audience) from there. I would suggest Facebook, it was the easiest for me.

Twitter is also a great one, but I never tried since most contents are from Twitter.

Write-ups are also good for advertisement. They basically explain what you offer on your Tv. Share to your friends, tell them to share with their friends and those friends should also share with theirs.

In the write-up, implore them to kindly save your number, and tell you their names as they join, then you also save their numbers.

One thing about write-ups is that, you can easily incorporate click-baits, which equals higher conversion rate.

That’s how you build your first audience.

WARNING: Sending write-ups to several numbers at a time can get your number banned, especially when you are using WhatsApp Business Account.

Note: When advertising your WhatsApp Tv, my advice is that you use graphics, because people prefer pleasing sights, to words — the designs would get them glued to the information.

Create Outstanding Contents for the WhatsApp Tv you Created

Like I said earlier, what determines the turn up or conversion rates is your content. I would wager, that you target groups with very large audience, which provide what you also provide or is related.

The members would be happy to have same or related features on WhatsApp, since it’s easier to access there, than having to scroll before seeing a content.

One thing you should know is that, there are thousands of Whatsapp TVs out there, so you have to deliver unique, and outstanding contents to outrank them.

Take advantage of what your competitions are lacking, and excel – there are many TVs on their viewers’ mute and block lists, some even have their numbers deleted already, since they can’t deliver.

Watermark your Contents

Another way of building your audience is watermarking your content with your phone number, brand name, and logo such that when your contents are shared anywhere, people can see your info and add you up, if they liked your content.

It works like magic!

Update: WhatsApp just rolled out a new feature recently; the QR code. This QR code let’s someone who has your QR code message you without having your number.

WhatsApp automatically detects the code, once a picture containing it, finds its way into the WhatsApp camera.

Implementing this method of gaining audience will allow anyone with your content easily get to you once they try to repost it.

How To Make Money Quickly from your Whatsapp Tv

You can start to make money from your WhatsApp TV from your first week of opening. Yes, I said first week! If you are able to have 500 -1000 views in 24 hours, then you are good to go.

There are several ways of making money from running a Whatsapp Tv

  • Advertisements (Most Popular)

There are several brands and individuals out there trying to advertise their products to a large audience.

These brands approach influencers, and as a Whatsapp Tv owner, you are also one. The nature of this advert is daily because it is usually charged for 24 hours.

The price depends on the range of the number of views you can gather in 24 hours, and the type of adverts – video adverts are always charged higher than text-only adverts. The conversion rate is not really a concern for you.

  • Affiliate Marketing

You can also use your Whatsapp account for Affiliate Marketing by helping brands sell their products online. Since it is affiliate marketing, you only earn from commission, so you will have to work on your conversion rates.

  • Digital Marketing

This is where you sell your own products, either because you are into mini importation, or drop-shipping.

This way you do not have to pay another Whatsapp Tv to help you advertise your products, thereby increasing your profits.

Pros and Cons of Starting A WhatsApp Tv

Opening and running a Tv on Whatsapp has both advantages (pros) and disadvantages (cons).


  • Make money easily doing something you normally do.
  • Recognition: You stand a chance of being an influencer because you will have a lot of following.
  • You don’t need any special skill to start a Whatsapp Tv


  • Requires a good device. You can not run a big Whatsapp Tv on a device running on a very low RAM.
  • The data usage of Whatsapp Tv owners is usually high, this is because of the number of contacts, messages, and media they send and receive everyday.
  • Getting active viewers might proof abortive – you can have 10000 contacts with only 1000 viewers

WhatsApp Tv owners make cool cash most of them use iPhone and Samsung, all bought from income from their TV which they started with absolutely NO CAPITAL.

If you are looking for practical ideas for starting a successful Tv, join some of the 18 WhatsApp Whatsapp status Tv here,and copy some of their practices.

Discalaimer: It is not Whatsapp Inc. that pays you, you make money from deals you make with individuals, and companies only!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Should I use iPhone or Android to Start a Whatsapp Tv?

This actually depends on you, if you want security and luxury, use an iPhone while you should use an Android for more functionality.

How Do I Withdraw Money From WhatsApp tv To My Bank Account?

There’s no money to withdraw since WhatsApp is not paying you.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or need help, I would be so happy to be useful to you.

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