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Today, the main purpose of this article is to give you the working ways you can easily use to unblock your website URL from Facebook ban.

As it stands today, Facebook is one of the oldest forms of traffic sources and mostly importantly, it’s completely free.

However, nowadays Facebook places a ban on several website links every second; claiming that your links are unsafe to share in the community.

And when this happens, you will have to look for ways to Unblock your website URL (Link) from Facebook very fast, if your business depends on social traffic.

The offence is usually that your URL goes against the Community Standards, and in most cases it doesn’t.

It can just be a mere misunderstanding between Facebook bots and your site.

So, I will discuss how to prevent your website URL from Facebook ban in the later part of this article.

But first, let us discuss how to unblock website URL from Facebook ban.

The methods I would be discussing are;

  • Use of Sharing Debugger
  • Facebook Business Page Support
  • Live Chats with Support (for ads account enabled profiles)

1. Use the Facebook Sharing Debugger to Unblock your Website

Your link cannot be unblocked from Facebook unless you take an action towards it, such as contacting Facebook directly.

Fortunately, the Sharing Debugger was designed to check for errors or bugs that bots might be picking from your site.

It’s called OpenGraph Meta data and it gives bots an info about a link or website at large.

However, the Debugger will not bring out OpenGraph Meta data for your website, rather it will give an error saying your link is blocked.

We can’t review this website because the content doesn’t meet our Community Standards. If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.

This is when you will click on let us know.

After clicking on let us know, you will be taken to a page where you can write an appeal to Facebook to unblock your URL.

Let them know it was a mistake, sound apologetic and make promises of not repeating the same thing.

You can use this format;

Hello. I recently wanted to share my new content on Facebook which will be useful to my audience, and I discovered my website URL example(dot)com was blocked. I'm really dumbfounded and I don't know how that happened. However, I'm sorry for the mistakes I must have made to cause the misunderstanding. I'm looking forward to run some ads on Facebook this week to help grow my business and outreach and this ban will set me a step backwards. I would be glad if the ban on my website link is lifted and I promise to prevent future violations. Thanks in advance.

The above message worked for me, but I’m not sure if it will work for you. However, it’s worth a try if you are a first offender.

The main catch in the message is that, I want to run ads; Facebook likes money, and so automatically, they would want to unblock your link so you can pay them.

2. Have a Chat with Facebook for Business Support

This step involves going to the Facebook for Business Page and chatting with a support agent.

Explain to them just like you did in step 1 when using the Sharing Debugger without leaving the part that you want to run ads with the link.

In most cases, the support will immediately unblock it for you while sometimes, you will be told to write an appeal concerning the link.

What I love about this step is that, your message will be replied, and there’s a big chance that your appeal will be considered since it’s not automated robotic replies.

3. Live Chat with a Support Representative

For all I know, this is the surest way to unblock your website URL from Facebook.

Either you are a first offender, or it’s your 5th offence, you can take advantage of this anytime.

However, not everyone has access to Live Chat Support on Facebook.

It’s mostly available to accounts that have active ads accounts and Business accounts. So they are treated as direct clients that need immediate help.

If your friend has an ads account, they can help you unblock your link claiming that they want to run ads with it.

It works well everytime and it’s faster if your offence wasn’t deliberate.

As a rule of thumb, Facebook doesn’t block your URL without a reason. It is either you ignored something or the bots misunderstood a particular element on your link or

Some of the most common reasons are;


This is the most common reason your URL gets a ban on Facebook.

Imagine you recently published an article on your site and you want to share it to your audience, but you have several groups on Facebook to target.

Thus, you will be tempted to paste the link to every group you want to target and that’s what spamming is.

Spamming means sending the same content or multiple contents to several people, groups or pages within a short period of time with or without the their permission.

Advice: Create or buy an active group or/and page related to your topic and post your links there ( at most 3 per day).

Never post same link twice!

Set your OpenGraph Meta Info Right

When you use the Sharing Debugger, the info it returns is exactly how Facebook sees your link and determines what it is about.

So to be on the safer side, make sure all your meta info as required by social media is set and detected by the web scraper.

This will help prevent misunderstandings with Facebook soldier bots.

It is always better to keep the OpenGraph Meta Info updated so as to not worry about the need to unblock your link from Facebook later on.

You can refer to the Step-by-step method of setting OpenGraph Meta data using Yoast Plugin.

Nudity or Censored Contents

The Facebook Community Standards shuns displaying or posting contents that contain nudity, violence and other vices especially those that can affect children.

So, if your site is about any of these, your link will likely be banned immediately you’re detected, and it will continue to be banned even after appeals.

Advice: Stay away from nudity and Censored media.

Futhermore, make sure you report anyone using your link with Censored contents.

Verify your Domain on Facebook Developer

The Facebook Domain Verification gives you total control over your domain on Facebook.

This is necessary, so that people can’t maliciously use your website URL to run advertisements that are not related to you while claiming to be you.

You will be to choose who can represent your link, and also you will have a developer ID to integrate in your OpenGraph Meta.

To verify your Domain, follow the steps in this article.

Note: You can’t do domain verification if your URL is currently blocked; it needs to be unblocked first.

Run Ads on Facebook

As funny as this might, Facebook definitely likes money a lot. So it will be hard for them to block a URL they are earning from.

Moreover, as long as your ads follow Community Standards, there can’t be a mistake.

Another way this helps is that when your link is banned, you will have access to Live Chat to lift the ban.

I hope I have been able to help. Kindly share the post and tell me what you think in the comment section.

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