Trust Wallet Phrase Hack

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In this post, I will teach you some tricks on Trust Wallet phrase hack.

I believe you already know that Trust Wallet recovery phrase are the 12 unique words that when arranged in the right order gives complete access to your wallet funds.

This Trust Wallet recovery or secret phrase can be very dangerous if they get into the wrong hands. This is because like I said, it gives full control over your wallet and funds. Thus, perpetrators can withdraw all the coins and tokens in your wallet, before you know it. Well, including your NFTs, if you have any.

However, this Trust Wallet phrase hack post has a few purposes I want it to it serve.

The first purpose is to teach you how to prevent your Trust Wallet from being hacked through your recovery phrase. There are a few ways to make it harder for scammers to do that.

Also, I will teach you how to spy on anyone’s wallet in real-time without knowing their Trust Wallet recovery phrase or private key(s).

Trust Wallet Phrase Hack: How to avoid getting hacked

There are presently two ways I would advise you use to protect your Trust Wallet recovery phrase.

  • Store your 12-word recovery phrase in a safe coded manner
  • Set a passcode or Biometric lock for your Trust Wallet mobile application

How to store your Trust Wallet backup recovery phrase safe

I know Trust Wallet and most other wallets will tell you to store your backup or recovery phrases in a safe place. And then, you are reminded that you will have to paste them in that same order. This gives you the impression that you will have to save it in the correct order.

However, that is where you might have made the mistake. Because that is easy, but not wise. If anyone comes across your recovery phrase either online or in the physical note you wrote them on, you are already compromised!

This is because you gave them the password of your wallet just the way it is. But, I am sure you don’t want to be a victim of the Trust Wallet phrase hack. Thus, I will provide a solution to that.

You need to be tricky when storing your recovery phrase.

You should find a unique format for your secret phrase for Trust Wallet. For example, you can decide to remove the first and the last words, and memorize them (that should not be hard). It can also be the middle words, just make sure they are easy to remember.

Alternatively, you can just rearrange the words in a unique format. Since there are 12 words in the Trust Wallet recovery phrase, you can just swap the odd words for the even words. This is just an example, find your own format. That is why I called it unique.

If you would ask me, I prefer the removal method to the rearrangement method because it is more secure. No one can just guess the removed words. However, it will only take a few thoughts of many patterns to rearrange a 12-word phrase.

The removal method even though it is secure and recommended, can be hard if we forget the words we removed.

How to safeguard your recovery phrase in the Trust Wallet application

Even though Trust Wallet tells us how dangerous the exposure of the secret phrases for our wallets is, they still allow us access to copy them from the application anytime. Actually, this is good when it comes to User Experience. However, it is bad for security.

The problem is, if you misplace your phone or get your eyes off it for a minute, your recovery phrase can be stolen. But we can prevent this. You can prevent it!

Trust Wallet app has a security feature called passcode. You can use it to secure your wallet from perpetrators even if they get your phone. It also has the Biometric feature. So, you can either use Biometric or the passcode, and the mode where only the passcode works.

Here, if you set it to only take your passcode, you can prevent unauthorized access to your account. This, in case anyone knows your phone’s lock pin, password or even have their biometrics registered on your device.

How to spy on anyone’s Trust Wallet funds: For Fun

I have a feeling this could be your best part of this Trust Wallet Phrase hack post.

I guess you did not know your friends could spy on your crypto assets and you could also spy on theirs without them knowing. hahaha!

Don’t panic, I only said SPY, not STEAL! So, your coins are safe, while your privacy is not.

For this to happen, their recovery phrase is not necessary at all. All that is needed is the wallet address of the person you want to spy on. Also, you cannot spy on all their crypto assets unless you know their wallet addresses.

Thus, Ethereum wallet address only allows you to have access to their Ethereum balance and transactions, same goes for any other custom token.

All you have to do is import the wallet address as a single-coin wallet using the wallet address. After, you have successfully imported the desired wallet, you can check their transactions in real-time and see the wallet balance.

PS – I hope you loved the Trust Wallet phrase hack post. Tell me what you think in the comment section and please share the post with loved ones. Thank you.

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