Trust Wallet Clear Cache: How to

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The Trust Wallet clear cache is a feature inside the interface of the Trust Wallet mobile applications which works for the browser used for Decentralized Applications (DApps) only. That is to say, it does not work for the whole application.

Also, at the time of publishing this post, the “Trust Wallet clear cache” feature is not available on the iOS application.

This means that there are two distinct ways to clear cache on Trust Wallet.; browser built-in clear cache and application system clear cache. However, these two ways do not have the same purpose.

Differences between Trust Wallet clear cache for DApps and Application

The cache clearing feature in the Trust Wallet application is built-in, which means it is there in the interface of the app. When you use the feature, it only works for the browser used for the DApps.

So, it clears the history of everything you did and every web address you visited on that browser. It also deletes or resets the connection you have made with your wallet and Decentralized Apps but it does not change the Network. That is, if it was on Smart Chain Network before you cleared the cache, it remains like that.

However, the normal system application clear cache option for Trust Wallet does not do any of what the former does. It does not have any noticeable effect on the DApps browser. Thus, your browser history and former connections with DApps will still be intact if you use it.

The only thing it does is clear the storage space used by the caches on your phone. The result is seen immediately you perform this action; space occupied by cache reduces to 0 KB.

How to use Trust Wallet clear cache built-in feature

  • Open the Trust Wallet application for Android
  • Tap on the Settings tab at the bottom of the app
  • After that, click on Preferences
  • On the Preferences page, tap on DApp Browser
  • Tap on Clear Browser Cache on the next page
  • Confirm you want to clear browsing data by tapping OK on the pop-up prompt.

Immediately you finish these steps, go back to you DApps, you would notice there will be no history on your history tab. However, your Tabs would still be opened but with no browsing data, cookies or caches.

How to clear Trust Wallet App Cache to free space

This method depends on your phone model, so I may use a different word than what you will see. I am using Samsung Note plus 5G for this tutorial.

  • Swipe up from your Home screen to open your Application lists
  • Locate the icon of Trust Wallet app by swiping through the pages
  • Press and hold the icon after you find it till it brings a pop-up
  • Tap on the App info button
  • Scroll down to the Usage sub-menu and tap on Storage
  • Tap on Clear cache on the next page. Note the change of the cache size from its previous value to 0 B.

You can also access the App info menu from the Recent Apps menu. When you press and hold the icon, the pop-up will bring the App info link.


There are two types of caches to clear on Trust Wallet ; browser cache and application cache. Both of them do not contain same information, thus the method you use determines the cache information you have deleted. It is also means you can choose one method as an alternative to the other.

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