Sun Valley Loans for Small Personal Loans

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Have you been looking for a low-range personal loan but have not found one? Today, I will give you a review of Sun Valley Loans, and in this article, you will learn the rates, where, and how to apply for the loan. Plus if you are eligible for application.

Sun Valley Loans, SVL is an online money lender advertiser, and an avid member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA). The company is based in Philadelphia Pike, Delaware in the United States.

The company helps to apply low-range personal loans that are between $100 and $2,500 with the main purpose of helping borrowers cover emergency expenses.

If you are the kind of person that needs a quick personal loan to make a purchase, repair cars, cover expenses on subscriptions and replacements, or pay up a due loan, then Sun Valley Loans got you covered.

However, the loans are not limited or tied to any purpose, so you are not compelled to use them for anything.

The only setback is that the loan amount is small and you definitely cannot use it to buy a car or build a house. Unless you’re adding it to your capital (huge) or to sustain for a little while after making a huge purchase.

When to Apply for Sun Valley Loans

As I have established in this post if you were following, SVL loans are not for everybody or all purposes. Thus, here are some model reasons why you may apply for SVL loans:

Need a Fast Payday Loan or Cash Advance

Sun Valley Loans are best for payday loans or cash advances. That is if you are awaiting your salary or wages but you need some money to handle some immediate bills. At this time, it is always advisable to borrow the exact amount you are in need of.

In addition, the rates of interest should be put into consideration so you don’t have to pay more unnecessarily.

Need a Short-term Loan

In order to get the most value, only use SVL loans when you can repay fast.

SVL gives loans with an interest rate ranging from 261% to 1304% per annum. Breaking this down between, the weekly rate is around 5% to 25% weekly.

Sun Valley Loans Rates and Fees

This rate depends on your loan amount, and basically, higher loans have lower rates. For example, there is a $75 (25%) interest on a $300 loan, and there is a $50(5%) interest on a $1000 loan weekly.

However, the minimum repayment period for Sun Valley Loans is 14 days. So you have to pay $100(10%) and $150 (50) for $1000 and $300 loans respectively.

Need Financial Help for Small Expenses

SVL is not a go-to area if you have to need big amounts like mortgage or auto loans. Try Answer Home Loans instead.

However, if you just need to purchase a book, furniture, or parts of bigger equipment or appliances, go for it.

Need a Bad Credit Score Loan

Bad credit scores generally put you at a disadvantage when it comes to big loans. However, you can worry less about that with SVL.

They only offer payday loans that are bearable to repay and require lower credit scores. Although, this does not mean you can get any amount no matter how bad your credit score is. But, you stand a chance.

How to Apply for Sun Valley Loans

Generally, there are two ways to apply for Sun Valley Loans. They are:

  • Application through phone
  • Application through the website

How to Apply through the Phone

To request for a loan over the phone, you need to call customer service at (888) 372-6219 or (888) 558-0521. The agent will ask for information like your name, loan amount, credit score, SSN, etc from you. You will not be asked to provide some documents in form of mail.

How to Apply through the Website

Follow these steps accordingly to request a loan:

  • First, you need to visit the website.
  • Fill out the fields asking for the loan amount, zip code, and email address.
  • After filling these out correctly, check the agreement and click on GET STARTED.
  • You will then be moved to a page where you will be asked to continue to the lender’s website.
  • Fill in all information asked of you on the lender’s site.
Sun Valley Loans Application

NOTE: Sun Valley Loans does not give out loans since they are not a money lender. However, they help you request for a loan or link you up with money lenders. The linking depends wholly on the information you provide SVL with.

In addition to that, SVL earns a commission for every loan request through their site. However, it does not mean you will pay extra!

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