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RACT Car Insurance is a big contender in the Insurance Industry in Australia and most especially the state of Tasmania.

RACT Insurance offers you a list of vehicular insurance policies such as Car Insurance, Collector’s Car Insurance, Boat insurance and Trailers and Caravan Insurance.

In this article, I will dive into RACT Car Insurance Reviews, Quotes and how to make RACT Car Insurance claims in case of an accident, theft or anything covered in your Insurance Policy.

Also, I will clarify some things on RACT member benefits.

RACT Car Insurance Reviews

For the purpose of this article, I will only review RACT Comprehensive Car Insurance. And this is because it is the most suitable premium for anyone.

The Comprehensive Car policy contains everything you will get from Third-party, Theft and Fire and Third-party only polices with some additional benefits.

You can take a look at ING Comprehensive Car Insurance covers and compare; there’s only a small difference.

Although, ING is the one with upper hand in terms of features.RACT otherwisee takes a different approach in terms of discounts.

What RACT Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers

Below is a more detailed summary of what your Insurance Policy covers:

  • only incidents that occur in Australia;
  • you will pay an excess if you are at fault in an accident unless you’re not at fault or case of theft and fire caused by another party not linked to you;
  • you’re entitled to up-to $20 million for repairs of third-party property when involved in an at-fault accident and only the agreed value in your policy;
  • a hire car is only provided to you by RACT Car Insurance if you’re involved in a no-fault accident or theft, in case you’re at fault, you will only be provided with a hire car if you paid for it in your policy (optional);

  • if your personal belongings that live in the car normally are damaged in the accident, you will be paid up-to $500 for the claim; no personal item you take around is covered;
  • if there are baby seats or capsules among the casualties, you will be paid an additional $500 to cover for that damage;
  • in case you live in your car or van and your personal properties get damaged in car, you will be paid up-to $1500 instead;
  • if your car is damaged and car not be safely driven, RACT Car Insurance will pay a reasonable amount to have your car towed from the scene;
  • transfer of insurance to a new car only applies if they are of same model and RACT Insurance is informed less than 14 days after the purchase;
  • when you lose your car remote locks or keys, you will be paid up-to $1000 for a replacement after you must have paid an excess for claim as agreed in your policy;
  • you will pay an excess if your windscreen are damaged unless you have paid for no excess on windshield additional cover;
  • when you’re involved in an accident in a place far from your home address, RACT Car Insurance will pay the amount you will spend on accommodation and transportation of you and your family up-to $1000 only in form of reimbursement;
  • when your car is totally lost or damaged, you will be provided a new car replacement of same model and specifications provided you bought it brand new and it’s less than 2 years old since registration;
  • you are entitled to up-to $500 for emergency repairs of your car after an accident if that will make is drive-able from the scene;
  • RACT Car Insurance will pay up-to $1000 for damages repair or replacement of trailers that you own after you must have paid an excess as stated in your policy;
  • you enjoy a No Claim Bonus when you don’t make any claim from RACT in a year and this increases your discount and decrease your premium on renewal;
  • you can request a full refund with no questions asked if don’t make any claim within 21 days of the purchase of your insurance premium.

What RACT Comprehensive Car Insurance Does not Cover

RACT Car Insurance will not pay any claims made when any of the following incidents happen to you while you’re insured with them.

  • wear and tear damages to your car such as tyre bursts, punctures etc;
  • incidents that happen outside Australia is not covered;
  • damage to accessories;
  • damages done from using it for illegal activities;
  • incidents arising from the use of fake or inauthentic fuels;
  • damages done when drinking and driving;
  • casualties from races, contests, rally or campaigns;
  • damages done few days after the expiration of the insurance;
  • rusting of the metallic parts;
  • damages caused by lawful government activities against the owner.

Frequently Asked Questions on RACT

How to get RACT Car Insurance Quote

After you must have decided which car insurance premium you want to purchase, navigate to RACT website and Click on Get a quote button which is right above the Make a motor claim link.

You will be taken to a page that allows you to give information about yourself and your car and how you want your policy to be plus the benefits you are interested in.

Whatever information you provide here determines the price your quotes will bring.

How to make RACT Car Insurance Claim?

If your insured car or vehicle has been involved in an accident or it was stolen, you must immediately let RACT know about the situation.
You are also bound by terms and conditions to provide vital information about the incident.
Once you have all vital info, make your claim by calling the customer care on 132722 or go through the make a motor claim link and login to your membership area to process your claim.

What information do I need to make a RACT Car Insurance Claim?

To make a claim on your policy on RACT, you will need vital information like the cause of the accident, the driver at fault, third-party personal information, police reports, witness information, damages done to both cars and location of incident.

In case your are calling, you need a proof that your car in presently insured with RACT.

What is RACT Roadside Assistance?

RACT Roadside Assistance is not in anyway an additional over in the Car Insurance policy. Although, they are offered by same company, they are independent of each other.
The Roadside Assistance only covers services to anything like repairs or maintenance to any car or vehicle you are inside but does not cover any other vehicle.

While RACT Car Insurance covers you only in Australia, while Roadside Assistance covers you beyond the soil of Australia.

RACT Member Benefits?

RACT offers a membership opportunity to all off his customers to enjoy some enticing benefits and services from their certified partners and clubs all over the world in all areas possible.
These member benefits through RACT are usually free regardless of who the individual is, provided they use one service or the other from RACT or its partners.

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