Pi Network Referral Code: How to get it and Benefits

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In this post, I will explain what Pi Network referral code is, how to get it and why you need to have one.

If low mining rate has pushed you to the extent of wanting to delete your Pi Network account, learning about how referring can help you, may change your mind.

What is Pi Network Referral Code?

It is the same as Pi Network invitation code, and it is the ticket used to join the mining pool.

You can also refer to it as the username.

It is so important that you can’t join or earn Pi coins without using and creating an invite code respectively.

Mine is adeofoau.

Pi Network Invitation Code Benefits

The following are the benefits of the invitation link;

1. Earn Free Pi coin as a Headstart

One of the benefits of using the referral code is that you will earn free one free Pi coin before you even start mining.

2. Increase your mining rate by at least 25%

The Pi Network invitation code helps to build a network of nodes, and for every connected node, each user earns 25% of the present mining rate for a node.

This means that, if 5 people use your Pi Network invite code, you will earn 125% more of the current node mining rate.

This is in addition to your normal mining rate and 25% from the person who referred you.

3. Makes it easy to fill up your Security Circle

Your security circle helps you mine Pi coins at a much higher rate.

When your username or link containing your code is used, you don’t have to go through your contacts to add people to your security circle.

FAQs on Pi Network Invite Code

How to get referral code on Pi Network

If you’re just registering on Pi, you can use the invitation code of the person that introduced it to you; it is usually in the link, eg. https://minepi.com/adeofoau; where adeofoau is the invite code.

However, if you are you’re looking for your own referral code to promote Pi, follow the steps below. Note that you have already created an invite code during sign up.

Open your Pi application; Tap on the Menu at the top left corner; Scroll down and tap Profile; Copy your Pi username or invitation code.
How to get or create Pi Network Referral Code

How to change invitation code on Pi Network

Unfortunately, you can’t change your username on Pi Network after you have set it.
Also, you can’t decide to change the invitation code of your referral since that is like cheating that person.

It helps to protect the network because someone disconnecting means you both lose all Pi coins earned through the connection.
That’s exactly what happens when you delete your Pi Network mining account.

How to invite people to Pi Network

Inviting people to Pi Network not only make the community grow, it also increases the rate at which you mine your Pi coins.

All you have to do is copy your invitation link and urge your referral to click on it to download the app and sign up.

Alternatively, you can just tell them to download the application from PlayStore and give them your username to use a invite code.

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