ING Comprehensive Car Insurance Reviews, Australia

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ING Car Insurance company is one of the few car insurance companies in Australia to get your cars and other motor vehicles insured in case of future occurrences.

ING Car Insurance company offers a range of Car Insurance Policies for customers like you to choose from.

So now, the question boils down to, “why ING and which Car Insurance Policy should you get from ING?”

Presently, the company provides three Car Insurance Policies; the Comprehensive Car Insurance, the Third Party Only and (Standard) Third Party Property, Fire & Theft Policies.

But unfortunately, ING Car Insurance only provides to you a summary of the features of their Policies.

The understandable version of it is embedded in their Product Disclosure Statements; a 38-page book.

Evidently enough, they are titled “these are the things you should know“.

I read through all of these, and discovered there are a lot of things you might not know about ING Car Insurance Policies, that you need to know.

So, I put together a more elaborate summary of the general terms and conditions to ease your understanding and know what you’re about to dive into.

I believe the knowledge will prevent you from making wrong decisions and having regrets later.

ING Comprehensive Car Insurance Reviews, Explanation

The ING Comprehensive Insurance Policy is the all-encompassing plan provided by the company and has almost all features of the other two Policies.

The Comprehensive Car Insurance covers the damages done by your car to another car or property and also the damages done to your car to a certain level.

By “to a certain level”, I mean there’s a benchmark to the amount you can get from the Insurance company to repair your own car, although they can afford up-to $20m for third-party properties.

The third-party property is basically, the car or vehicle you ACCIDENTALLY damaged.

What ING Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Covers

There are a few occasions and rules that ING is liable to pay your claim if they happen, and some that they don’t have an obligation to.

Damages to Your Car (Cover)

The following covers will only be applicable if you’re on Comprehensive Car Insurance Premium;

  • The company will pay for recovery, towing, storage and repair of your car. And these will be done, at the convenience of the ING Car Insurance company.
  • This means that, if the cost of all these is more than the stated value in your Insurance Policy Certificate, you’re not covered for it.
  • If your car was damaged due to accidents caused by nature disasters like flood, storm, fire or man-made accidents like collision and attempted thefts, your car is insured by this cover and you will be paid for the claim.
  • Personal Effects include your personal belongings stolen or damaged as a result of theft or forced entry, you will be insured up-to only $500, and nothing beyond that.
  • So if you have something worth more than that, don’t put it in your car or you are on your own.
  • ING Comprehensive Car Insurance covers up-to $1000 to repair your trailer when it’s being towed by your car included in your Insurance Certificate, but the contents damaged will not be considered or paid for.
  • In case your insured car has an accident in a place far from your home address as stated in your Insurance Certificate, as long as it is in Australia, ING will provide a temporary accommodation for you and other occupants of the car; if you can’t be transported back to your home immediately.
  • The accommodation will only cover $100 and it’s capped at $850, per event.
  • In case your car is involved in an accident and you can prove that you were not at fault, ING will arrange a hire car of their choice for you to use until your car is repaired for a period of 14 days max.
  • The counting starts from the day the repair starts or the car is declared totaled.
  • However, ING Comprehensive Car Insurance does not cover the third-party insurance of the hire car provided for you, as well as the fuel.
  • So if you damaged the car, you will have to pay for the damages on your own.
  • If your car key or remote locking device is stolen, ING Comprehensive Car Insurance covers the replacement keys for up-to $1000 max. Provided you made reports to the police beforehand.
  • ING Car Insurance will provide a new car replacement if you registered the car with them immediately you purchased it with a new one of same model provided it is in Australia and also cover registrations and third-party insurance for the first year.
  • If it is not available in Australia, ING will pay you the present market value of a new car of same specifications and model.

What ING Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy Does Not Cover

  • If you are partially or totally at fault in a car accident and your car is unsafe to drive or totaled, ING will not provide a hire car for you.
  • Same applies for damaging a hire car.
  • ING Car Insurance will not provide a new car replacement if the car was already involved in an accident or was faulty before the commencement of your insurance cover.
  • ING will not also repair your car for damages done before you insured it with them.
  • If you are involved in an accident but the car you are driving is not included in your insurance policy, you are not covered and such a claim is invalid.

What ING Car Insurance Policies Generally Cover

Either you are on the Comprehensive or Third-party, Fire and Theft Insurance Policy, you are covered by ING Insurance Company in all these aspects;

  • Any other licensed driver apart from you as stated in your Insurance Certificate and driving the car with your consent is covered in case of accident.
  • All the passengers in your car will be compensated in case of theft or damage to personal properties (that live in the car)
  • You will be provided a hire car if your car is stolen; to be used till the car is recovered and repaired for a max of 14 days. Fuel and third-party insurance is not covered here.
  • If you are involved in a no fault accident with an insured vehicle, your damages will be paid for only up to $5000.

What is not Covered by ING Car Insurance Company Policies in General

  • ING will not pay for damages to personal property that doesn’t live in the car.
  • ING Car Insurance will not pay a claim for anything related to death or body injury; health insurance covers that instead.
  • will not cover or pay for damages done by cars not insured with them.
  • ING Insurance Company will not pay for fines inflicted on the insured car.
  • If your insured car is involved with insured vehicle owned by you or your relative, your claim will not be paid by the insurance company.

Situations When You are not Covered by ING Insurance Company Policies

  • when the driver of the car is not stated in your Insurance Policy
  • damages done by anyone you wanted excluded in your certificate either by age or any other parameter.
  • if you use the car for something not stated in your Insurance Certificate.
  • when you drive the car outside Australia.
  • if you drink and drive.
  • if you use the car for activities that involve payment, such as taxi.
  • if you hire your car to other people in exchange for money or gifts in Australia
  • using the car for unlawful activities, racing, theft, rallies, contests etc.
  • accidents resulting from using the car to carry explosives for business purposes.
  • does not cover for wear and tear of the car, such as tyre punctures, cuts or bursts.
  • it also doesn’t account for any damages deterioration to the interior of the car, not not resulting from an accident.
  • any deliberate damages done by an insured person.
  • any loss done to the car during repairs or restoration.
  • any drop in the market value of the car.
  • when your car was driven without your consent.
  • If you use your car for a paid driving tuition by you or anyone in your Insurance Policy.
  • Unpaid driving tuition by anyone excluded in your Insurance Certificate.

How Much does ING Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost?

Generally, ING Car Insurance depends on a range of similar factors.

These factors vary from individual to another, so you may not get same quote your friend got for the same Insurance Premium.

They include but are not limited to:

  • your chosen insurance policy
  • the additional benefits chosen such as choice of repairer, etc.
  • the model of the cars insured
  • the market value of the car at the time of the insurance purchase date
  • the number of insured drivers
  • the possible risks that applies to you personally, and other insured drivers
  • discounts which would might decrease your cost (not everyone gets it)
  • your payment plan. (annual payment will be cheaper than monthly or any other installment payments)
  • taxes and charges that apply to your car, imposed by the government
  • your excesses; which is the amount of money you must pay before your claim can be paid by ING Car Insurance Company following an at-fault accident
  • on renewal, your No Claim Discount (NCD) level reduces with the number of at fault claims you make, thus increases your renewal rate
  • alternatively, your NCD level increases when you make a no fault claim and therefore reduces your Car Insurance Premium renewal rate.
  • Some other occurrences that increase your NCD level are repairs to window glass only and damages caused by natural disasters like flood, storm, hail etc.

Additional Benefits to the ING Car Insurance Policies

These are the benefits that will increase your cost of insurance.

Accident Clean Up

IN case of an accident, ING will pay a maximum amount of $500 to clean up parts or debris of your car from the scene.

Death Benefit

ING Car Insurance Company, will pay exactly $5000 to the legal representative of the driver(you) if death occurs from injury sustained from the accident in an insured car.

Note that, if death does not occur, ING does not cover body injuries.

No Claims Discount Protection (NCD)

This is an optional benefit unlike the first two. Here, if you don’t make more than one claim for an at fault accident in a year or two in a 3 years, your NCD renewal decreases.

Choice of Repairer

This additional benefit allows you to choose your own repairer and the cost will be covered by ING, provided his price or quote is professional and competitive.

In case your repairer of choice can’t meet the standards set by ING, they will disagree and use their own authorized repairer.

Accident Hire Car

ING only provides a hire car when you are involved in a no fault accident claim.

So in case of an at fault accident, ING Car Insurance will provide a hire car for use for a max period of 14 days or till the car is repaired and safe to be driven; whichever is earlier with this option paid for.

Reduced Window Class Excess

This additional benefits allows you to pay less upfront amount upon the repair of your car window glasses; windshields only.

How to Make a Claim with ING Car Insurance after an Accident

Making a claim with ING doesn’t require much bureaucracies provided you have all information made compulsory by their Insurance Policy.

The essential information needed are;

  • your policy number; to prove you’re insured by ING Car Insurance services
  • information of witnesses of the event
  • information of the other driver(s); both personal and insurance
  • police report number; you or the other party must have reported the event to the nearest police station
  • information on how and when the accident happened to determine who was at fault
  • illustrations such as photos or video recordings of the situation of vehicles at the scene.

Once you have all the correct information about the accident, lodge your claim online by going to ING website or making a phone call to them with the information provided to them as requested.

Relax afterwards and let them do their jobs, but make sure you have your excess amount available since they won’t pay the claim until your excess is paid as stated in your insurance policy.

Also, endeavour to do a follow-up.

Thoughts on ING Car Insurance

ING Car Insurance is a great Insurance Company for many Australians or people that reside in Australia.

However, if you’re planning on using their services, make sure you have read and you understand what they can do.

Also, take note of what they will be reluctant to do for you if you are involved in a car accident, theft or fire.

Another way to know if they are the one for you is, if you’re using ING banking services and you love their service delivery.

If none of the above applies to you, then you can check some alternatives to ING Car Insurance in Australia.

RACT Car Insurance is an ING alternative you may want to try out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) on ING Car Insurance

Do I need to be an existing customer of ING Bank Australia before using their Car Insurance Services?

No, you don’t need to have an existing link with ING. You can use all of their services including Car Insurance, Home Loans etc, independently.

How much does ING Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost?

The cost of insuring your car with ING varies according to individual risk profile and the additional benefits you opt in for in your policies. You refer to the section that covers the costing of ING Insurance Policies in this article.

Which ING Car Insurance Policy is best for me?

The ING insurance policy for your car depends on what you need and are ready to pay for. Do not pay for extra if you think you don’t need it.

Will ING pay my claim if my insured car is driven outside Australia and has an accident?

ING will only pay your claim if your insured car is involved in an accident on the soil of Australia. You are not covered in any other country.

Will my car be insured if my son drives it?

As long as your son or daughter is included in your Insurance Certificate and he /she drives the car with your consent, he/she is fully covered. Same goes for any other relative included in your Insurance Certificate.

Can I get a refund from ING Car Insurance?

Yes, you can get your whole money back within 21 days from the purchase date of your insurance policy provided that you haven’t made any claim whatsoever from the company. This is referred to as cooling-off period.

When does ING Insurance start?

Your ING Car Insurance only goes into effect 72 hours after the purchase date of your policy. Accidents caused by natural disasters like fire, storm, etc within this period are not covered by ING.

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