How to Use WindScribe VPN for Twitter in Nigeria (Easy Access)

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Nigerian Government has suspended access to Twitter in Nigeria since Friday 4th June 2021.

So now to use Twitter in Nigeria, you need a VPN – strong one.

Although, you can access Twitter Nigeria without VPN through Opera Mini.

The reason Twitter is banned in Nigeria is because the Nigerian Government accuses the CEO of abaiting political violence in the country.

Thus, it issued a notice to ban the activities of Twitter indefinitely in the country.

Since then, you will need to use VPN to access Twitter in Nigeria or else the website will not load.

Before we discuss which one is the best free VPN for Twitter in Nigeria, let’s look at what VPN means.

What Does VPN Mean or Do?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. What a VPN does is mask the original IP address of your device by replacing it with another.

Your IP address usually contains location data of your device on the internet and it’s always unique unless you or more people share same network.

The IP address your VPN will give you depends on your chosen location (country) on the VPN.

The levels of security of VPNS however differ, it all depend on the the kind of encryption enabled by the VPN company.

This encryption is what makes using most VPNs generally slower that normal connections since information will need to go through series of encryption and decryption before getting to their destination.

However, most protocols have their own pros and cons. UDP is faster but very unstable, while TCP on the other hand is more stable and slower.

Why do we need VPN to Access Twitter in Nigeria?

The main reason your Twitter can’t work without VPN is because your network providers (Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9mobile) have blacklisted Twitter URL;

As a result, all Nigerian IP addresses cannot access the site anymore, without the aid of a VPN app.

How to Use Windscribe VPN For Twitter

Follow these instructions to use Windscribe for twitter or to tweet in Nigeria and anywhere in the world.

  • Go to Playstore and type Windscribe in the search bar.
  • A suggestion will popup as Windscribe VPN. Click on it and install.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Create an account by choosing a username and password only.
  • You don’t have to register with your email address if you don’t want to, but you won’t be to transfer more than 2GB data through Windscribe per month.
  • You can increase your limit to 10GB per month by entering your email address.
  • After successful registration, choose your preferred location from the list of servers available and wait for it to connect.
  • Once connected, exit the app by minimising the window (don’t kill the connection).
  • Now open your Twitter app or login through your browser.

There are several VPNs, but the best free VPN you can use for Twitter is Windscribe VPN.

Out of all free VPNs you will find on Play Store, Windscribe is the only one that offers quality service even on Free Plan.

One feature on Windscribe that’s so commendable is Split Tunneling.

With Split Tunneling, you have the opportunity to choose which of your apps goes through VPN.

So in case you’re using VPN just because of Twitter ban in Nigeria, you can easily use Split Tunneling to make sure other applications do not pass through the VPN.

This method can help you conserve your data usage through Windscribe VPN because only Twitter will go through; if you prefer the 2GB per month limit.

How to Use Twitter in Nigeria without VPN

There are two ways to use Twitter in Nigeria without VPN. They’re:

  • Opera Mini
  • Proxy

The most straightforward way to access Twitter in Nigeria without VPN is through the use of Opera Mini.

All you have to do is download Opera Mini from Play Store, if you don’t have it already.

Open your Opera Mini and type

Unlike on other browsers like Chrome, Firefox etc., the website will load and you’ll be able to login to your Twitter account without a VPN app.

This is because Opera Mini has a built-in VPN system or proxy that alters your IP address normally.

Disadvantages of Using VPN?

Even good things have their own disadvantages.

The downside of using VPN are:

  • High data usage and slow data connection.
  • High Battery Consumption

High Data Usage and Slow Data Connection

The requests that must be completed when using the internet with VPN double compared to when normal connection is used.

This is as a result of the fact that, the data downloaded passes through series of firewalls which is not straightforward.

You can however make your VPN connection speed faster so you can have a better experience online.

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