How to Pay, Receive payments on Gumtree on PayPal

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The Gumtree Partnership with PayPal has made it easy to pay and receive on PayPal on Gumtree. Gummies can now perform transactions using PayPal directly from their Gumtree account.

However, to use this feature, you need to first link your Gumtree account to PayPal. When successfully linked, you should see a green check mark in front of PayPal in Payments while on the website, or in front of PayPal under ACCOUNT on your Gumtree app (iOS).

How to pay on PayPal on Gumtree

  1. Confirm that the seller accepts PayPal. (see how to check below)
  2. Make sure to agree on the price and product with the seller.
  3. If possible, meet the seller in person to avoid disagreements on deals made online.
  4. Upon agreement, ask the seller to request payment from your chat window or Messenger on Gumtree.
  5. Review the payment request to make sure you are not being overcharged.
  6. Approve the payment and choose PayPal as your payment method.
  7. The money should appear in your seller’s PayPal account shortly.
  8. Collect your product, and you are good to go.

How to receive payment on PayPal on Gumtree

  1. From conversations with your buyer, confirm if they are going to use PayPal as their payment method.
  2. Agree on the product and price with your buyer to avoid future disputes.
  3. If you are meeting the buyer in person, make them see the product they want to pay for, and ensure they are cool with continuing the transaction.
  4. Request for payment in your Messenger window with this particular buyer.
  5. Indulge your buyer to cross-check the payment request information and remind them to choose PayPal as their method of payment.
  6. Once your buyer approves the payment request, the money will land in your PayPal account.
  7. Confirm the price credited and you can then fully release the product to your client.

How to know if a seller accepts PayPal payments on Gumtree

In order to use the PayPal payment feature on Gumtree, you need to be sure the seller accepts PayPal (and has linked their Gumtree account to PayPal).

In order to check that, click on the listing you want to buy and scroll down. You should see the inscription “Accepts PayPal” with PayPal logo on there. If you don’t, then the seller does not accept PayPal payments, and you may have to move to another seller.

Alternatively, you can check if a Gumtree seller accepts PayPal by clicking on Message button from their listing page. On the Messenger window, you should see the inscription “Seller Accepts PayPal” with a PayPal logo on top of the chat window just below the name.

Reasons to use PayPal as your method of payment on Gumtree

One of the main reasons to use PayPal as method of payment during your Gumtree purchases is because of the Buyer’s Protection. Although, PayPal says it does not cover anything purchased on Gumtree, but as a buyer, you can still dispute a payment.

This could come in handy in case where you are buying from someone who lives in a different city, such that you could not meet to check the product before payment.

Once you discover anomalies in your delivered goods, initiate a dispute of the payment from your PayPal account dashboard.

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