How to Delete Pi Network Mining Account and its Cons

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Even though the Pi Network by MinePi looks promising, you may still want to delete your Pi Network Mining account for various reasons.

It could be because of the frustrating experience from using the apps or because you’re not earning as much Pi coins as you would like to. You can solve that by referring pioneers.

Also, it could be for privacy reasons or because of the fact that Pi coin is not listed on any exchange yet and so no value.

If that is your reason, guess what? I’m happy to tell you Pi currency is being accepted in some parts of the world already like China where you can exchange 10 Pi coins with iPhone 11!

Another scenario is Pi coins being exchanged at the rate of $2.5 per Pi coin. You can browse my post on Pi Network Price Predictions for more information.

So I will advise you not to delete your Pi account because you will regret it when it is eventually listed and has value but you have no coins.

After all, mining is free! So what’s your loss?

Although most commonly, it is because people find it hard to change or verify their phone numbers on Pi Network because, no verification means no Pi coins eventually.

You can read my guide on solutions to change and verify wrong phone number on Pi Network.

How to delete Pi Network Mining Account

Deactivating your Pi account is as simple as the sign up process.

However, this action is permanent! It means you will lose all your mined Pi coins and your network, that is, your earning team.

That means you will have to start all over if you change your mind, and that would be too late.

If you understand consequences, go on to permanently remove your account.

For a temporary break, you can logout of your Pi coin mining account or uninstall the app instead of deleting it.

You can follow this other guide to delete your Bee Network account.

1. Login to your Pi Coin Mining Account.

I would assume you have the Pi Network android application installed on your phone. Launch the app.

If you are not currently logged in to your Pi account, use your login details to access it.

Note that if you’re currently not mining, you will have to start a Pi coin mining session because you won’t be able to leave the homepage to the account deletion page without doing so.

2. Tap on the Menu Button at Left Top Corner

Proceed to locate the Menu Button on the homepage.

This Button is just beside your mined Pi coins with a black background colour as shown in the picture below. Tap on it.

How to delete Pi Network Mining Account

3. Tap on Profile in the Menu

Now look down the Menu ribbon and look for Profile.

Your profile button is at the bottom of the menu; before the social icons. Tap on it.

Pi Network Account Deletion Process

4. Scroll down to Account Deletion

Once your profile page loads, scroll down to account deletion.

This action is at the bottom of your profile, tap SEE HOW.

How to Permanently deactivate Pi Network Account

5. Confirm your Pi Account Permanent Deletion

Once you click on SEE HOW, you will be transferred to the last page.

All you have to do is type your MinePi account username in the box and tap DELETE.

Your account username is displayed right under Account deletion as shown in the picture. Type the username you see on top of your application.

Consequences of deleting your Pi Network Mining Account
How account deletion affects your entire Network

Consequences of Deactivating your Pi Network Account

The catch is that, as obviously seen in its name, it’s a network.

Thus, when a connection (node) is broken, the rest of the network feels the effect.

In a nutshell, when you delete your mining account, the rest of the people in your Pi network are affected too.

Therefore, you will put their earnings in jeopardy too.

This is what happens;

1. The deletion is permanent

It’s not like signing out or logging out of an account. Here your details are deleted from the database and the entire network permanently.

So anybody connected to you automatically stops seeing you forever.

For example, the person that referred you loses a referral or pioneer and all the people you referred will lose you as their ambassador too.

Lastly, you automatically get evicted from everyone’s security circle immediately you delete your Pi Network mining account.

So in case you change your mind, you will have to start afresh. Not good!

2. You will lose all of your mined Pi coins

This is a no-brainer. Since you can’t recover your account, all your mined coins will disappear into thin air.

The Pi coins just don’t just sit somewhere and await your graceful return.

Even if you sign up again with the same phone number, your Pi coins have vanished as it is not linked to your number forever.

Although, you are most likely not be able to sign up with same number again.

3. The mined Pi coins of your entire network are at risk

You’re still wondering how deleting your MinePi account affects your entire network? See now.

All the people who used your Pi Network referral code to join, that is; Pioneers, will lose the Pi coins they earned through your connection.

The person who referred you (ambassador) also loses all coins attributed to your connection to them.

Lastly, everyone that added you to their security circle (contributors) loses all coins they mined through you.

It however doesn’t affect your own security circle members if you’re not in their own circle(s).

In case I didn’t mention your own reason for deleting your Pi network account, let me know in the comment section, I might have a solution for it.

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