How to Delete Bee Network Mining Account

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In this guide, I will show you how to delete your Bee Network account permanently.

Since you know Bee Network, then you should be familiar with Pi Network as well.

In case you are not, Pi currency is mined just like Bee, but the former looks more promising as I see it.

This is because Pi Network has been in existence before Bee Network and has a lot of supporters already, like the Pi Futures Founders.

You can read my guide on how to sign up and increase your Pi coins mining rate easily.

Also, please use my username (adeofoau) as your Pi Network invitation code in case you don’t have one already.

However, unlike Pi Network mining account deletion which can be done by you, you cannot delete your Bee Network account yourself.

You will will have to go through the Bee support and ask them to do it for you. Stressful right? I know.

How to delete Bee Network Account Permanently

Follow the steps closely to deactivate your Bee miming account.

1. Get your Bee Username Ready

In case you didn’t set a custom username for your account yet, copy the temporary username generated for you.

You can get your username from your Account Page. It is illustrated in step 3.

2. Open your Gmail app

The next step is to go directly to your Gmail app and compose a message to

Make the subject of your mail, Permanent Account Deletion.

This subject will make your email standout so they can quickly reply your message and delete your account.

Any generic or irrelevant subject might make your message end up in spam, unread or trash folder and your mission won’t be achieved.

3. Compose your Account Deletion Message

Now, you need to compose your message to specifically inform the support they should delete your Bee Network account for you.

Example message:

My name is (your name). I would like to permanently deactivate my Bee Network account for personal reasons which I won't like to disclose.
My email address linked to it is: (your linked email address)
Phone number: (your binded phone number)
Username: (your username which you copied)

You should never put any personal or sensitive detail in the email to be sent, asides the ones you already put in your account during registration.

Explanation: If you used email to sign up, only put the email address, without the phone number.

Otherwise, if you used phone number to sign up, don’t provide your email address.

Afterwards, attach a screenshot of your Account Page as shown below (without masking or cloaking).

Permanent Bee Network Account Deletion

You can get to your Account Page by tapping; Profile >> Account.

The purpose is to make sure you have access to the account that bears the username you provided.

4. Send the Message and Wait for a Reply

After you’ve included all necessary details in the message, send it to the support.

Then, wait for a reply on the successful deactivation of your Bee Network account.

Effects of Bee Network Account Deletion on your Network

There is no much effect on the already mined Bee coins by anyone in your network unlike Pi Network that where everyone directly linked to you loses their Pi coins.

However, all your mined Bee coins would be lost forever and others in your earning circle will stop earning from you.

Few Common Reasons Why People Delete Bee Network Account

I have a few friends using Bee Network and recently deactivated their accounts. These were the reasons;

Unable to Verify their Phone Numbers

This is specifically the person that referred me to Bee Network. After he introduced me, he wanted to bind his phone number with the account.

The reason he wanted to do this was because I signed up using my email address and I was able to verify my email address immediately.

However, he couldn’t get the verification code for his phone number even though he used Google sign in option.

I didn’t think it was necessary but he did because you must verify your phone number on Pi Network to withdraw your Pi coins, so he was applying same rules with Bee.

Privacy Reasons

Most people don’t want to expose their personal information to entities unless they can be trusted.

Unforrunately, there are a few controversies about Bee that tags the founders as copycats of the Pi Network currency model.

So, people that signed in using Google accounts mostly are worried about their information.

Therefore, they want to delete their accounts and disconnect Bee Network from their Google account to severe access to their information.

Side note: I’m curious about why you want to delete your Bee Network account forever though, I would be glad to hear about it in the comment section.

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