How to add EGC to Trust Wallet and MetaMask

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In this post, I will teach you how to add EGC to Trust Wallet or MetaMask in a matter of seconds. However, before we begin, what do you know about the EverGrow Coin also known as EGC?

EverGrow Coin denoted by EGC is a hyper deflationary token that gives its holders rewards in form of the Binance USD (BUSD). It is controlled by and runs on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).

The price of EGC on CoinMakretCap at the time of writing this is $0.0000002598. This is the same price on trust wallet since it gets its price information from CMC.

As with most tokens like EGC, before you can add them to Trust Wallet or MetaMask, you need to add them as custom tokens first. This is in case they are not under available tokens when they are still new.

How to add EGC to Trust Wallet (2 Methods)

Previously, there was only one way of adding EGC to the Trust Wallet, but there are two ways now.

  • Adding EverGrow Coin through token search on Trust Wallet
  • Using the Add Custom Token feature to add EverGrow Coin (EGC) to Trust Wallet

This is the easier way to add tokens to Trust Wallet; popular or thriving ones and the same goes for EGC.

First step: Open your Trust Wallet mobile application for Android or iOS.

Second step: Then, take a look at the top right corner of the app, click on the icon as shown below

Third step: On the next page, type EGC or EverGrow Coin in the search box

Fourth step: Click on the toggle button in front of EverGrow Coin and you have successfully added EGC to your Trust Wallet

Search for EGC on Trust Wallet app

Fifth step: Now, you can go ahead to copy your EGC wallet address and start sending and receiving the coin

Here are some of the crypto wallets someone under 18 can use.

How to add EGC to Trust Wallet as a custom token

This is the most popular alternative to add any custom token to Trust Wallet when it is not available through the search method.

Step 1: The first step is to copy the contract address of EGC from the CoinMarketCap website. For your convenience, I have done that for you. The contract address of EverGrow Coin (EGC) is 0xC001BBe2B87079294C63EcE98BdD0a88D761434e.

Step 2: Next you should open your Trust Wallet mobile application, be it an iPhone or Android device

Step 3: Tap on the icon on the top right corner of your application

Step 4: Scroll down the search page until you reach “Add Custom Token”; tap on it

Add Custom Token Button on Trust Wallet

Step 5: Tap in front of “Network” and choose “Smart Chain”

Add EGC to Trust Wallet

Step 6: Then after that, paste the EGC contract address you copied earlier


Step 7: Once the Name, Symbol and Decimals fields auto-fill, click on “Done” at the top right corner

Step 8: EGC has been successfully added to your Trust Wallet now. You can now copy your EGC wallet address from the Trust Wallet app and start transacting the coin

Send and Receive EverGrow Coin on Trust Wallet

How to add EverGrow Coin EGC to MetaMask

Unlike how to add EverGrow Coin EGC to Trust Wallet, the MetaMask option has only one method. It is a long process, but I will make it seem very simple for you.

Step one: Open your MetaMask iOS or Android application

Step two: EGC runs on the Binance Smart Chain Network, therefore we have to change the network of our MetaMask wallet. MetaMask is always on Ethereum Main Network by default

Step three: Check the top center of your MetaMask app to confirm the network. If it is not Binance Smart Chain Network, then follow step four. Otherwise, continue from Step.

Step four: Tap on the menu button at the top-left corner of your app and scroll to Settings; tap it

How to add EGC to MetaMask wallet

Step five: After it takes you to the Settings page, tap on Networks

Step six: Tap on Add Network on the Networks page

Step seven: Then open your browser and search for Smart Chain RPC URL and Chain ID. Only copy it from the official website. You can get them from this page.

Step eight: Paste the info you got from the page in the appropriate fields and tap on Add

Add EverGrow EGC to Trust Wallet

Step nine: Once you are sent back to the Wallet page, click on Import Tokens

Step ten: When you get to the import token page, paste the EGC contract address you copied from CoinMarketCap in the Token Address column and tap IMPORT

Import EGC Token to MetaMask

Step eleven: Finally, you can go ahead to copy your wallet address to receive EverGrow Coin EGC on MetaMask.

The above is how to add EverGrow Coin EGC to Trust Wallet and MetaMask. These methods work for all coins or tokens either popular or new.

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