Car Title loans in San Francisco

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In this post, I will introduce you to about 3 car title loans you can apply for here in San Francisco, California.

However, note that I am not endorsing any of the title loans I would mention in this post. I have no personal experience with them and therefore cannot give your firsthand information about their services.

But, I will write about the best of them according to an extensive research carried out by me.

Car Title loans in San Francisco

A few markers I would want you to note in the below title loans in San Francisco, California are the rates (APR), minimum and maximum loan amounts and the repayment period.

Note that none of these car title loans require credit checks. Thus, you are still eligible even if you are bankrupt or have bad credit history.

Montana Capital Car Title Loans

The Montana Capital Car Title Loans is one of the best in the California. Although, they also operate in other states like Arkansas, Arizona, Ohio, Idaho and other United States where title loans are legal.

There are two different types of application; phone and online. With the phone application, you will provide the agent with necessary information about you and your car. Then, you will be informed how much you are eligible to borrow. You can call them with (818) 322-3393.

With the online application, you will choose the range of your loan. The lowest is $250 and $50000 is the highest amount. Then, you will provide information about your car and yourself. Once you are done with the application, it will be recorded and you will contacted by an agent informing you of their decision.

Apply Now Montana Capital Car Title Loans

Montana Capital Title Loans has a 4.6 rating on Google and a 2.5 rating on Yelp. Even though the Google ratings are looking good, the Yelpers’ reviews are quite concerning.

In one of their now-closed locations in California, some Yelpers claimed to have had bad experiences. These experiences are related to the rates and interests on the loans.

Montana Capital Title Loans works with different lenders and this makes their rates hard to determine. However, once approved for a loan, you can receive the cash within a business day at a MoneyGram location.

Title Loans Express

Title loans express is another instant no credit check car title loan in San Francisco. It works with lenders like ChoiceCash to give customers pre-approved loans of up to $50000.

Like Montana Capital, the application can be done either through the online application or by talking to an agent through phone call.

For the online application, your loan is pre-approved and you will get the amount your car’s value can claim for, if you entered the correct information. You will then proceed to the lender’s website to claim the loan, and submit documents.

In a situation where the car is too old, you may not be able to get the value of loan you qualify. Instead, an agent will call you in the next 24 hours to inform you on how much title loan you can get.

The rate of Title Loans Express is 19.99% APR if your lender is ChoiceCash for every amount you borrow and you can spread your repayments to 36 months. Although, if you have the ability to pay off before then, you can.

After everything has been completed, you can get your car title loan immediately at any MoneyGram location in San Francisco. Alternatively, you may opt in for a wire transfer instead.

Max Cash Title Loans

maxcash car title loan

Max Cash title loans operates in more than 30 American States including Arkansas, Arizona, Nebraska, Ohio, Utah, Texas, etc.

The process of applying is pretty straightforward like ChoiceCash.

You can apply using the online application form which is equipped with an estimate calculator.

Their free estimate calculator allows you to put information about you and your car in a structured manner.

Once these pieces of information are put together, you will get a pre-approved loan offer according to the estimated value of your car.

If you agree with the estimate, you may then proceed to request for the loan, send your documents and get paid in exchange with your car’s title. Max Cash title loans uses KBB’s My Car’s Value tool to estimate your car’s value.

Alternatively, you may also apply for a loan by calling their phone number: (855) 561-5626 and talking to an agent. You may be asked a few information about yourself and vehicle.

Once finally approved for loan, you may choose to receive your loan through ACH, cash store and wire transfer.

The APR of these loans is not fixed and so may vary according to the loan amount and ability of the borrower to repay. However, the APR range from 29.90% to 35.99% and the maximum loan possible is $50000.


These are the best car title loans in San Francisco, California with no credit checks. You can check them all out in order to choose the best one for you. I have compiled an at a glance table for them below. You may also use the table for comparison.

Title LoansAPRMax Loan AmountRepayment PeriodPre-approvalCredit Checks
Montana Capital Title LoansVaries5000012 – 36 monthsNoNo
Title Loans Express60% and above5000012 – 36 monthsYesNo
Max Cash Title Loans29.90% – 35.99%500006 -12 monthsYesNo
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