18+ WhatsApp Tv Links in 2022 (Best)

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Creating an 18+ WhatsApp Tv is one of the most lucrative online businesses you can ever think of and a good way to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

It’s easy and requires absolutely no capital. Everything you do is just your normal routine on WhatsApp, only that you make money out of it.

Since the advent of WhatsApp Tv, thousands of young entrepreneurs have opened and grown at their different pace.

Nevertheless, some have grown faster than others and have also delivered better services to their viewers and clients than their counterparts.

Before we move on, let me enlighten you on what an adult or 18+ Whatsapp tv is.

But in case, you are already familiar with it, you can just skip to the 18+ Whatsapp tv links to join the erotic, informative and funny families.

What is an 18+ WhatsApp TV?

It is one which posts adult contents on their WhatsApp statuses.

18+ WhatsApp statuses generally attract a lot young people, most of who are s*xually active.

Many opt in for this line of business because, you can actually get more views with an adult tv, compared to others.

But, you have to choose wisely, since many people define it as immoral.

Mostly, these kind of Tv are usually easily identified through their name ideas. For example, FreakyTv.

If you are thinking of opening a WhatsApp business tv or you want it to grow, you can check my guide on how to do that.

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Below is the compiled list of the 18+ best WhatsApp TV links in 2021:

1. JollyTv

JollyTv is an amazing 18+ Whatsapp tv I recently discovered and I’d tell you I am really impressed by the contents posted on this channel.

Jolly Tv is so organized in operation that it creates specific times to deliver the most amazing and top notch services to you, ranging from erotic contents, to the best of comedy and funny skits to brighten your day up.

What makes JollyTv stand out among other 18+ Whatsapp Tvs

  • they give you the best rib-cracking jokes or memes 247;
  • 18+ Whatsapp tv status that will make you stay glued to your phone (not a zone for kids);
  • you have access to updates on trending gist and stories;
  • anonymous talks;
  • relationship advice sessions;
  • baking/cooking video skills;
  • advertisement for your products and services to reach over 8k viewers and potential customers.

Also, aside being the best tv for contents, JollyTv is the Whatsapp tv with the highest views in Nigeria with over 8k viewers in 24 hours and a large following of 10k+ followers on Instagram.

This makes Jolly Tv the best Whatsapp tv to make advertise your products and services as a business owner.

I strongly recommend this channel and you can click on the large button below to join the Jolly family through the Whatsapp tv link.

2. FreakyTv

Just as the name sounds, Freaky Tv is an erotic media channel that provides freaky contents to its viewers.

3. FlopyTv Media

FlopyTv is another great entertainment entity, it offers funny Twitter memes, videos and also promotes businesses.

It has a great list of contacts with a whopping number of active viewers.

4. 9jaJamzTv

9jamzTv as it sounds is gives mainly music or jamz. It provides latest music videos to its viewers mainly and also shares memes and funny videos.

9jaJamzTv also promotes businesses.

5. InsideOAUMedia

InsideOAUMedia is a school-based Tv. It’s owned and operated by a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.

It provides entertainment to its viewers and has mainly OAU students as its contacts.

It provides first hand information to OAU students on the school.

If you already own an adult tv, or other entertainment tv, this post would be useful to you.

6. Samches Media

Samches TV is a unique fun house. This Tv combines all the services of several of its kind and make it available on just one single channel.

Samches Media provides services like;
Funny memes(texts and images from Twitter, Facebook and other social Media)
Funny videos from Tiktok, Likee, Twitter, etc.

Drops latest gists on Entertainment, Sports, and so on immediately they drop.

Latest Jamz Download links and also helps upcoming Artistes promote songs at the lowest price you would ever get at the market.

Posts latest jamz on status for the viewers to enjoy and quench their thirst.
This business also promotes business owners, traders etc and have been able to deliver quality services to them.

7. iTv

iTv is one of the funniest TVs I can vouch for. It provides a list of endless entertainment with great designs.

It’s a model for new WhatsApp business entrepreneurs.

The Whatsapp tv link for iTv is just below this section, scroll down to the family.

8. BBN_Tv

BBN_Tv is an acronym for Big Brother Naija Television. It shares latest updates on the Big Brother Naija reality shows.

It gives in depth information about the cast, their history, funny and notable moments in the Big Brother House and so on.

Aside the show, they also provide funny memes and videos.

The WhatsApp TV shows erotic contents, as BBN shows may contain scenes that are to be screened under parental guidance.

Other 18+ Whatsapp TV include:

9. Ade’sTv

10. FocusTv

11. IconMayorMedia

12. ChicagoTv

13. CarbonTv

14. AsiwajuTv

15. FungalTv

16. WiseTv

17. UniqueTv

18. IkoyiTv

19. AmusementTv

Click on any of the following whatsapp Tv links to join.

What is the Whatsapp TV with the highest views in Nigeria?

Jolly TV is the Whatsapp Tv with the highest views with a whopping 8k+ minimum views in 24 hours. This helps advertisers gain the most possible prospects for their products with ease when they purchase an ad space for 24 hours.
This makes it one of the best and top Whatsapp Tvs known.

I’ll continue to update this list, so kindly bookmark and check regularly to not miss an update.

Join any of those TVs above through the links and kindly come back to drop a comment about them, I would love to hear a feedback about them from you.

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