Best New Whatsapp Tv Name Ideas in 2021

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In this post, I will enlighten you on how to get Whatsapp Tv name ideas for a new TV owner.

Choosing a name for your Whatsapp Tv can be tricky as a beginner, a new owner or an active owner looking forward to rebranding your existing brand name.

The name idea you eventually choose for your Whatsapp Tv might go a long way to determine your marketing success.

So, you will want to do it well as it is very important.

I will give a generic way to choose a name for your new Whatsapp Tv business at the end of the article.

However, before that let’s take a look at some factors to consider in your decision making process.

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Relevance of the Name Idea to your Whatsapp Tv

You have to consider what your business is about before you choose a name.

Think about, “what does this name say about my business?”.

The name you choose needs to give people the idea of what your business is about at the point of seeing, reading or hearing it.

For example, MySchool TV clearly says everything about the business without even a second opinion.

Even though it is Tv channel, it clearly says it for mainly for students, thus, information or contents about schools are a priority.

That’s the kind of image you want the name of your TV to give you.

So if you are planning to open an 18+ Whatsapp Tv, you choose consider using a keyword related to that.

Choose a Memorable One

You probably don’t like names that are hard to remember, pronounce or memorize, well guess what? Nobody does!

A good Whatsapp tv name idea is very catchy to read and hear and that’s what you should aim at.

For instance, SamLoco Sons Entertainment Tv is a very bad suggestion for a name because people can’t remember this all the time.

However, if you look at SamTee Ent or SamJayTv, you can easily remember them and it will make it easier for you to market them also.

So the main catch is, the shorter the name, the better it is.

Choose a Unique Name for your Whatsapp Tv

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make is choosing a name that has been used by another Tv.

The downside is they tend to steal your customers since they have been around for longer time.

For instance, if anyone says your name, they think they are referring to the other business, so you lose a potential active viewer or client that way. It might even be an advertiser!

One of the main reasons why this happens is because many use their names to open their Tv.

For example, Raymond opens a Whatsapp tv and names it Raymond Tv without considering the fact that there are many people like him bearing Raymond.

Another advice is that you should never use a nickname, unless it’s unique and specially coined from more than a name.

Raymond’s nickname can be Ray and you never can tell, there might be many Ray Tvs or Ent out there.

The advice is, make sure it’s catchy and unique.

Choose the Best out of your Name Ideas

After a lot of thoughts, make sure you choose the name that you love the most and is the most relevant out of your name ideas for your Whatsapp Tv.

Also, most importantly, make sure it fits perfectly based on the other factors above.

The downside of choosing a bad name is that, when you later discover a better name, it might too late.

If for instance, you think of rebranding, you may lose a lot of customers or potentials due to differences in your brand name.

It’s stressful to compute the fact that Campus TV is now University Tv or thereabouts.

So, make sure you make the best choice.

Some of the Best Generic Name Ideas for your Whatsapp Tv

  • Your Unique Nickname + Ent
    • e.g. Samches Ent
  • Your Unique Nickname + TV
    • e.g. NickyJay Tv
  • Unique Related keyword + TV or Ent
    • e.g. MySchoolNews Ent, MySchoolNews TV, SportyHub Tv

Those are the broad ways to directly get a Whatsapp Tv name idea easily for your new brand.

However, you have to note that the name doesn’t need to have Tv in it necessarily. Just go for something unique and fits right with your purpose.

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Samod Kareem
Samod Kareem

Samod is a web designer, digital marketer, and freelance writer. He loves to write on topics he finds interesting but mostly loves money, and technology matters. He aims to share his knowledge from research with everyone out there looking for an answer.


  1. Plss I want a perfect name for my WhatsApp tv…my mission is to make people aware of everything going on in all I want a cool name plss

    • Hi Opeyemi. From what you have read, have you thought of any cool names you like from the formats? Remember your name is your brand, and I can’t help you form that.
      However, if you have an idea of what your brand name could be, I can guide you on that.

      Plus, I will give you a hint! School can be expressed in different words, so you just need to pick a word or name that tells it’s about school.

      Hit me with your name ideas, and I will tell you the one that represents you the best.

  2. Please am using INCREDIBLE TV as my WhatsApp
    Tv name mean while I am dedicated in posting memes free skill acquisition, business ideas etc. So I’m wondering if this name is ok

    • Hello Benny,
      Incredible Tv is a great name, but I don’t think it represents your business correctly. You should think of another one. Moreover, I have heard of an Incredible Tv before, so it is not unique. I am sure you don’t want people to think you are fake or even direct people to the older Incredible Tv when it was intended to be you.

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