Free Audiomack Promotion Package Tricks For Upcoming Artists

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Audiomack promotion is the process through which an upcoming artist’s works are promoted on Audiomack by Promotion Agencies for more exposure.

Audiomack was founded to cater for the needs of upcoming artists since other music streaming websites and apps charge artists per stream on their songs – this is why you have to pay to stream on music applications like Spotify and the likes.

How to Promote My Song on Audiomack

You can either learn how to promote your music on Audiomack by yourself, or pay Promotion Agencies for Audiomack package, so they can do the dirty or magical works for you.

How To Promote Your Song on Audiomack by Yourself

The most cost-effective method of Audiomack promotion package is by promoting your music on Audiomack yourself.

If you are already trying that, but it is not working, you are probably not doing it the right way.

I know artists that have gone a long way to promote their songs all by themselves, without any Audiomack promotion package or agency, and have excelled in the course.

The Right Approach on How to Promote Your Music on Audiomack Yourself without Audiomack Promotion Package

Your online presence, follows and connections all combined are your weapons – if you are planning on promoting your music by yourself all the way.

You would need to be active on social media networks – the major ones only though, like; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and surprisingly Whatsapp.

The post will explain how to build your presence and audience on Whatsapp for any form of business.

Immediately you start recording a new song, make a flyer for the song.

You should share this across multiple platforms, and urge the people you share with as well as your fans, to share it too – that is called Networking.

Networking now works best when you release a snippet of the song you want to release.

Make sure the snippet features the best parts of the real song, so it leaves fans anticipating, and following your updates.

So when you later release the song, release the snippet with it as well.

A video or visualizer that is enticing even hits better. In this release, make sure you include the link to the song on Audiomack.

Note that your brand name name also matters when you are trying to do your Audiomack promotion.

Your brand name should be unique, and uniform across all platforms.

You should never make a mistake of having a brand name such as Financeslashtech but your usernames and display names on social media platforms are finance_slashtech, financeslashtech003, etc.

The point is, you should have a pure, unique, and uniform username across all platforms, including Audiomack. e.g

Brand name : Guru Of England

Username : guruofengland

It makes it easy for people to know your real accounts.

How to Promote Your Music Using Audiomack Promotion Package

The internet is filled with millions of PRs, and a bunch of them specialize in helping upcoming artists like you do Audiomack promotions.

These PRs can be registered agencies or independent individuals with converting presence.

The presence can be on Audiomack, or any streaming site or app you wish to gain audience on. Some are even multiple agents.

They usually have different promotion packages for Audiomack which also means, they will all cost different.

The contract clause might be that; when it gets to a particular number of streams or downloads, your song would be taken down or else, you have to pay more to the promoter.

The PRs are always having a lot of followers, and high leads and conversion rates.

Most of them would also promote your music on Audiomack, the way I explained you should do it yourself.

How To Choose The Best Audiomack Promotion Package & Agency

You may find it hard to easily know the best promotion package to choose.

Making a choice of which agency to promote your music on Audiomack is hectic too. This is because there are many agencies, and PRs out there.

The best way to fish the separate the good and bad, is to track their work history. Don’t just believe what they tell you, or what you read about them.

My advice is that, you  endeavor to confirm their claims, probably from artists they claim to have helped.

How much does Audiomack cost?

To use Audiomack costs no money since it offers a freemium account to all its users.

However, if you want to promote your music or have access to premium features, you may have to pay promoters and Audiomack respectively.

How Do You Get A Promotion on Audiomack?

You can do that by yourself or by buying Audiomack Promotion from a PR or agency.

I would tell that from my experience, doing your on PR yourself is extremely stressful, but it’s going to worth it.

On the other hand, a PR can help you when you pay for a particular promotion package.

It might not be advisable because most times, these agencies might give fake reports and you might not see results.

Also, it’s hard to know the results you see are from their contributions. These people will most times take credit for even things they know nothing about, as long as it’s positive.

Another, downside to this is that you cannot get your money back if promotion fails.

How do I Get Free Audiomack Streams?

Your best bet to get free Audiomack streams on Audiomack is your friends and fans.

Friends and fans are like a knots in a net – they are very linked.

The hype they give yourself songs and even their replays will increase your streams.

Also, instead of telling them to download, urge them to stream your songs instead.

Do I have to pay for Audiomack Streams?

As I have already established for you, you can get your free streams on Audiomack through fans and friends.

So if you can do that, you won’t have a problem.

If you’re just starting out on Audiomack but you have a huge fan base outside the platform, getting more streams is as easy as just telling them to stream their favourites of your songs you uploaded.

No agency will promise you free streams on Audiomack for your songs and fulfill it, there’s always a price.

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