Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL : Guaranteed Approval Method

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In this guide, I will show you how to get bad credit loans from Urban BCL with easy approval.

Generally, a credit score of less than 630 on the scale of 850 can put you off on the favorite list of lenders.

This can be frustrating when you are in need of fast cash for some particular expenses, be it business or personal.

However, the frustration can be over with bad credit loans from Urban BCL, where you can get loans within the range of $250 to $5000 easily.

What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are loans available to borrowers with a history of bad credit, which has affected their credit score.

Commonly, people get bad credit score when they fail to meet the terms of loan with their previous lenders either by defaulting or late payments.

It could also be because they just started borrowing and so they are just building their credit score.

A bad credit score means the borrower cannot be trusted with a large size of loan due to possibility of default.

So basically, a credit score is bad when it is less than 630.

What you need to know about bad credit loans Urban BCL

The urban BCL is not a lender but a platform that connects you with lots of lenders that are willing to give you loans despite your bad credit score.

Even though, you will be given a loan, the size of loan you will be eligible to receive depends on how good or bad your credit score is.

It follows the pattern that the worse your credit score, the less size of loan you will be eligible for.

However, generally, Urban BCL bad credit loans only gives you access to a range of $250 to $5000 loans only, nothing more.

How to Apply for Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL

Your pattern of application determines your chances of getting approved for a loan.

Make sure you are as honest as possible and provide verifiable information.

Follow the steps below keenly to increase your chances of getting approved;

Go to Urban BCL website

The first step is to go their website url; You can’t access their lending partners without going to their website because they have no intermediary channel.

Fill in your Contact Details

Once on the website, you will see a big button that says Get Started, fill in your target loan range, email address and zip code of your area (residence).

When filling these, make sure they are all correct.

The loan range is subdivided into about 4, with the highest being $1000-$5000, choose the one that covers your needs; taking your credit score into consideration.

In addition to that, make sure your working or active email address is used. This is so as to enable easy contact. You may miss your loan opportunity you can’t be contacted for confirmation of loan request.

Get Started Page Urban BCL
Get Started Page on Urban BCL site

Lastly, in order to get make sure you get better recommendations, input your zip code correctly and you can be lucky to have a zip code that qualifies for larger loan size.

This is because location is a determining factor in the sizes of loan offered by the lenders to borrowers on Urban BCL.

Fill in more Personal Details

This is the second part of your personal information form which asks for your full legal name, cell phone number and most importantly Credit Score before you request a loan.

Urban BCL Loan Application Form
Email address and Credit score information

In this section, you will be asked for your email address and loan range, so make sure your choice tallies with the previously provided one(s).

A score of 300 to 629 represents a bad score on Urban Bad Credit Loans BCL, so make sure to choose that option if you are within that range.

Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL Contact Details
Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL Contact Details

It’s very advisable that you don’t try to falsify your credit score to look better on the application, else you may throw away your shot at a successful loan application.

Proceed with your Application on the Available Lender’s Website

Since Urban BCL only links borrowers with lenders that are ready to give bad credit loans, once you have entered all information required, you are transferred to an interested lender’s site.

Make sure you input same information as you did on into your lender’s application site.

I won’t be able to guide you on the lender’s site, since you may get a different one when you apply.

Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL
Example of a Lender’s Site from Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL

Can I get a Loan from Urban BCL with Good Credit score?

Yes you can.

Even though they are popular for bad credit loans, it doesn’t mean you cannot use them to find lenders if you have an average or excellent credit score.

There is an indicator to provide your credit score range on the sign up or quote form where you can find the range of your own credit score and pick.

Having an excellent credit score only will only give you opportunity to faster approval from better lenders.

What is Urban Bad Credit Loans rate (BCL)?

Urban BCL does not determine your rate on their bad credit loans, your lender does that instead. So you will see your APR on your lender’s website.

However, Urban BCL may earn a commission from the interests on your loan.

I can’t testify to that but it’s a no-brainer that they profit from recommendations.

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