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The best Audiomack converter is your File Manager. Why? Because it is the fastest way to convert Audiomack to mp3. Surprised? Continue reading.

Looking for a way to play your Audiomack’s song in mp3 format without a third-party converter, or any third-party app? You are at the right place!

Audiomack has gained popularity over the years since its establishment in 2012, although, their app wasn’t released until January 8, 2015 on Google Play Store.

Millions of users find it hard to play their downloaded offline songs on their phones, and tablets through their traditional music players, without having to open the Audiomack android app.

So they are constantly seeking a way on how to download music from Audiomack to phone or names of a converter software.

If you are still reading this, I am pretty sure that is why you are also here, so stay tuned!

Caution: There’s no best converter for Audiomack anywhere, you’ll only download malware onto your phone if you keep trying to download them.

All these sites you see online claiming to be change your audiomack songs to mp3 cannot all be trusted.

It is just like downloading a nulled version of a product, the provider may have either a good or bad intention.

I personally researched some sites that claim to be best sites that offer the best software to do the deed, or as they call it, “copy and paste” method – where you have to paste the link of the song you want to download.

Apart from the fact that it’s quite stressful, they still failed!

If you would ask me, I would say the best and only method to convert your Audiomack Mp3, is what I’m going to show you in this post.

No additional software would be needed at all.

Best Audiomack Converter

Like I said at the beginning of this post, the answer is your File Manager.

Your phone file manager is so powerful that it can do a lot of things separate third-party softwares claim to do.

One of those things your File Manager can do is convert Audiomack to Mp3.

How to change your songs to mp3 without a software

You do not need a third-party Audiomack downloader to have your offline songs played with your phone’s music app.

Your phone serves as the built-in downloader for you.

Steps to convert your songs on Audiomack to mp3

  • Open your File manager and look for a folder named Android (this is where all data files, caches, of your installed applications are stored, these can not be used used by another app)
  • Click on Android, locate data.
Best Audiomack converter is your File Manager
  • Then you click on data. Data is basically where most files from your phone applications are stored.
Audiomack to mp3
  • Under data, you will see all applications, with their package names. The package name you are looking for is com.audiomack, navigate to it, and click on it.
Audiomack Mp3 converter
  • From there, click on Files on the next page.
Audiomack music to Mp3 converter
  • After clicking on, Files, click on Audiomack – that is where all your offline songs are.

You will discover a list of files with only numbers as their names, they don’t have any file extension.

The main thing to do here is to change their names from numbers, to their original names. Most importantly add the file extension, .mp3 to all of them, or else they still won’t play.

When changing the song to Mp3 extension, you’ll receive a dialog:

“The file extension will be changed. This may cause the file to become unstable.

  • Just click on Change.
Change Audiomack file extension to mp3
  • You can see that the file previously named 12794867 has been renamed to example.mp3.

Summary: Go to Internal Storage>>Android>>data>>com.audiomack>>files>>Audiomack

If you still don’t understand this, watch my video tutorial, on how to convert Audiomack to mp3 on Youtube below.

Did you know you can now play your local audio files directly on Audiomack? Check outAudiomack app’s features, both old, and the latest ones.

Reasons why people seek for Audiomack Songs

  • To prevent loss of audio files

One reason I personally prefer to convert music playlists on app to mp3, is this.

We constantly uninstall apps, either by mistake or intentionally.

Music apps will only save files(audio, pictures) as data on your phone, these data can however be wiped while uninstalling the app.

Another turnoff is that, if you lose your login, you won’t be able to see your songs anymore.

You will have to download them all over again, and there wouldn’t even be any repository to tell you the names of the songs you previously downloaded.

  • To minimize data usage

You may be looking forward to transform your Audiomack songs to mp3, to cut down on your data usage.

Streaming and downloading take a lot of data, especially the former.

So many people prefer to download their songs, and play offline, instead of having to stream every single time, hence wasting data in the process.

But still, if you play your offline songs on the app, while your data connection is on, the app still uses your data in the background, and foreground to serve advertisements, and download new update logs, every second!

  • To be able to share your offline songs with friends in mp3 format

You can be playing a song, and someone hears it, loves it, but when he says “share it to me on Xender please”, and you go, “I’m sorry, I’m playing it on a streaming app”, that is a total disappointment, especially when he doesn’t use the app, or is low on data.

You should be able to do this now, without an Audiomack converter or downloader.

Music bloggers also crave to change the the no extension Audiomack files to mp3 extension, so they can re-upload on their blogs for their visitors.

Re-uploading songs without the artiste(s) approval is piracy, and violates their copyright. Above it all, it is a criminal offense, and you can be sued for it. Artiste(s) make their money from selling their songs, and you uploading it for free for the public to download is cutting down their income, so beware!

Where do Audiomack downloads go?

Like I said earlier, most streaming music apps save your offline songs in your file manager as data files that only them can read, and execute.

So basically, all your Audiomacks downloads go to your file manager, but are not executable by your music players.

Most music players can only read audio files with extensions like .mp3, .aac, .wav, et cetera, so this makes all your songs undetectable by them.

Note: Audiomack’s files have no extension at all.

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