10 Audiomack Premium Features and Free

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Thought Audiomack was completely free? No, apart from the freemium features, there are also Audiomack premium features you have to pay for.

You can as well get these Audiomack Features Free though.

Audiomack is one the most popular music streaming applications, for both Android, and iOS phones.

Audiomack has a total of 10m+ downloads, and 4.6/5.0 ratings from 1M+ reviews on Play Store, making it worth the ‘hype’ you may have heard about it.

The music streaming app is packed with so many features that has put it in competition with other applications of its kind, and it has won the duel against some.

Audiomack Freemium Features

  • Stream Online

Just like every other music streaming applications non premium features like Spotify, Deezer, etc., Audiomack allows you to play music on the go, so you don’t have to download it.

The only disadvantage of this free feature is that, it inflates your data usage. This can be a real problem if you like the song and you have to listen to it from time to time – worse if you are having low data plan.

  • Play Offline

This is a feature which is only available as premium feature on other music applications, but freemium feature on Audiomack.

It allows you to download songs you love, and save them on your phone for offline purpose. Such that, you can listen to the songs over and over with your data connection off.

Note: When you download songs offline, they don’t get saved in normal music player, you can read the step by step method on how to convert these offline music files on Audiomack to Mp3 without a converter or downloader.

  • Upload Audios or Songs

This is a freemium feature that Audiomack has packed for its free users.

It allows you to have an account and upload audios to Audiomack’s repository using that account.

The audios can be songs or mixtapes, singles or albums, yours or for another artist(s) (provided you attribute the work to the artist(s)).

When you upload music files to Audiomack, you have the access to their metrics, and can easily track your progress right from your free account.

This feature is mostly used by artists and PRs that help upcoming artists promote their songs with their already established accounts, and linking the song to the artist(s) in the process.

This can be done by simply re-uploading what the artist originally posted or by posting and linking the artist’s account.

  • Segmented and Comprehensive Displays

Another freemium feature you’ll enjoy on Audiomack is the grouping by category and genre which they offer.

The hierarchy is segmented into the following categories:

  • World,
  • Trending,
  • Top Songs,
  • Top Albums, and
  • Recently Added

Then it’s further sub-segmented into genres of music, like: All, Hip-Hop, Afrobeats, Latin, Reggae/Dancehall, R&B, Pop, Electronic, Rock, Instrumentals, and Podcast.

All the categories, except World have the genres sub-segments. The World contains news articles, so you can not find any songs there.

  • Play Local Files on Audiomack (New)

This is the latest Audiomack non premium feature, released in February 2021.

The feature allows you to play your non- Audiomack’s audio files directly from Audiomack. This means that, Audiomack can read your Mp3 files, and execute them.

Audiomack Premium Features

The Audiomack paid features are unnecessary and can be done without. But let us take a look at them.

Audiomack premium subsription costs only about $1 per month with the all features below.

  • Unlimited Premium Downloads

Audiomack pays artists for the number of streams they have on their songs, but not on offline saves or downloads. The problem with this is that, if users stream from freemium accounts, artists only get paid from ad revenues and if they download, they earn absolutely NOTHING.

So Audiomack rolled out premium contents, where artists can make their songs premium, such that fans can only stream online with freemium accounts, but can not download offline without premium accounts.

This was developed to help upcoming artists boost their revenues.

Note: Users initially have 20 premium downloads with their free accounts, after that, you’ll have to do a premium subscription to continue to have access.

  • An Ad-Free Experience

This feature is pretty generic to all premium subscriptions across several platforms.

You’d agree with me that not everyone can tolerate the intrusive behaviour of ads, so Audiomack offers to solve that mystery for its users on premium plan.

If you use Audiomack pretty well, you will relate with the annoyance in looking for something, but seeing ads pop up just by pressing the back button every time.

  • High-quality Streaming

This is a feature I won’t really find fascinating since the streaming quality on freemium accounts is great as well. I don’t see the usefulness of this, but it is a feature packed in Audiomack Premium subscription.

  • Equalizer Controls

This is a feature I can relate with. We all have different and unique ways we want our music to sound.

If you are the kind that have specific taste, which song original sound does not give you, these controls can help you trick the way it sounds.

I use it with my Dolby Atmos on my Samsung smartphone and it’s lit!

  • and more

I can’t tell you I completely understand this last paid feature on Audiomack, but whatever they are, they would be surely to improve user experience, on the application ecosystem. So goodluck going Premium!

How to get Audiomack Paid Features for Free

Downloading from Mod sites is the only way to get Audiomack Premium Features for Free.

Plenty of Mod sites provide Premium applications for free to users.

What the owners or recreator of mod(modified) applications do is remove the checkout or payment module from the app.

This way you will not be prompted to pay, you will have access to Pro Features free instead.

Be careful when using those sites though, some of the recreators bypass your information from server, and monitor your activities or even install viruses in the app, that can infect your phone and cause havoc.

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