Answer Home Loans: Quotes, Loan Applications

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In this post today, I will be talking about Answer Home Loans; unveiling everything you need to know about the company either just for knowledge or transactional purpose.

Answer Home Loans is a Real Estate company based in California, USA. They can help you achieve two things.

One of those things is giving you a mortgage or home loan to purchase or refinance your homes, provided you are or you will be the legal owner of the landed property.

The second thing is that, the firm helps interested individuals to become independent real estate agents. As an Answer Home Loans partner, you will earn commissions from every mortgage borrower you bring to the company.

Advantages of being an Answer Home Loans Contractor

Becoming an independent contractor with company gives you a lot of privileges above their employees. It also gives you the power to handle your business however you want. How?

You get paid more

When you sign up as a contractor with the company, you are treated as an independent contractor or entity, and not an employee. This way, you will get full control over your earnings on commissions for every without ridiculous tax withholding.

However, since your commissions are paid in full, you will have to pay your income taxes by yourself.

Be an Independent Brand and Make more Sales

Answer Home Loans will help you create a brand that they have not iota of control over. This broker will also make sure you get more clients easily by giving out mortgage loans at discounted rates to them.

Thus, you will make more sales, without having to work within the schedule of the company. You get to determine your own work hours, and where you want to work from.

Get deals readily available for your clients

AHL has a lot of money lenders that are ready to give loans out to people. This makes loans readily available for your clients. Also, successful loan applications are paid to the borrowers specified bank accounts almost on the same day.

To become a real estate contractor with AHL, go to their employment page and call the phone at the bottom of the page.

How to get a Quote from Answer Home Loans (AHL) Website

In case you are thinking of getting a loan from AHL but you are not sure what to expect in terms of payment plans and rates, you can request a quote from AHL website. The quote is also known to help you determine the type of mortgage you should take.

On the quote page;

  • Input your legal first and last names in the appropriate boxes.
  • Enter your working email address and phone numbers. They don’t have to be your personal or hot contact details; they just have to be available so you can be reached when information on your quote is ready.
  • The next step is to input the value of the property you want to apply for loan to secure. Then, you will need to input the loan amount. It could lower, the same, or higher than the inputted property value.
  • The next steps are the Credit History and Loan Type sections. You don’t have to complete answer these questions if you don’t want to. The loan types featured are purchase loan, refinance loan, debt consolidation and home equity.

How to apply for Answer Home Loans (AHL)

Once you have determined the kind of loan you need, the way forward is to finally apply for it.

Provide your Personal Information

The first part of the Answer Home Loans’ loan application form is specially for you. Here you will have to provide your legal first and last names, email address, phone number, Social Security Number (SSN) and date of birth.

Lastly in this section, you will have to tick if there is co-borrower or you are taking the loan alone. Tap Continue once done.

Note that the consistency, accuracy and credibility of whatever you input determine the success of your loan application.

Provide Co-borrower’s Information

If you are applying for the loan with another person, this where you will input their personal details which is done exactly as you did yourself; you would need same information. However, if you are not co-borrowing, you must have indicated that in the last step, so just tap on Continue from here.

Fill in Realtor’s Contact Details

In this section, if you use or will use a realtor for the present property, click on “Yes, I’m working with a realtor” and enter their full name, email and phone number. Otherwise, check “No…”, and then tap Continue.

Enter your Employment Details

Here Answer Home Loans will ask you to provide your employment details which include your income type, employer’s name, address, your job title, your first day at the job, and your years of experience in the profession.

Once correctly filled, tap on Continue.

On the next page, do same for your Co-Borrower if applicable and click on Continue.

Provide your and Co-Borrower Asset Details

These sections seek to know of any liquid assets you have in your in your possession. The assets include trust, bonds, stocks, money market fund, savings, checking, etc.

It is compulsory you provide the institution your declared asset is at but you don’t need to disclose the account number, current balance or value of the asset for both you and your Co-Borrower, if applicable.

Declaration of Ownership to an existing Real Estate

Here, you will have to declare any real estate you already own. Information needed include the type of property, address and country if not in the US.

Answer some questions regarding the new property

In this section, you will be asked about 12 questions about the new property you want to acquire and the purpose of your actions including some security check questions. This is the second to last step in the loan application. After you are done, click on Continue.

Accept the Terms and Conditions of Answer Home Loans

The last step is to agree with all terms and conditions associated with the company and the loan you want to apply for. Make sure to read the T&C’s well before you agree.

 This is basically everything you need to know about Answer Home Loans as far as quotes, loan applications and becoming a Contractor is concerned.

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