Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Email Marketing : Pros and Cons

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Email Marketing goes a long way to grow your online business and relevance, but it has its disadvantages or cons too.

Email Marketing entails sending copies, contents or links to potential customers directly into their email inbox with the aim of attracting a visit or even sales from them.

Sometimes marketing goes awry especially when the consumer lacks interest in what is being delivered in the emails, and you have a disadvantage in your email marketing strategy.

So when this happens, there’s no conversion, thus no income from that recipient of the email.

Various types of email marketing campaigns you should add to your plans are: welcome emails, newsletters, seasonal emails, reoccurring emails, products and offers emails, etc.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

Email Marketing has both upsides and downsides on marketers and receivers’ sides.

The disadvantages or cons are:

  • Spamming: Some marketers make mistakes of the kind of audience they are trying to reach and end up sending irrelevant marketing emails to some subscribers. An example is a multi-niche website dealing with fashion and entertainment. If a subscriber opts in for emails and the site owner fails to note the niche the person’s interested in, they will end up sending wrong mails. This can be infuriating and the marketer tends to lose subscribers this way or have their mails moved to spam manually.
  • Low leads and conversion: Even though adverts are delivered directly into the purse of potential customers, leads and conversion might be so low if the marketed contents do not match the interest of the receivers.

The emails will just be delivered to the recipients phone as if it didn’t since no positive action will be take towards it.

  • Costs a fortune: Most email marketing softwares cost so much to send emails and the free ones have many restrictions that limit the effectiveness of the content marketing.

The restrictions range from the number of subscribers you can have to the number of emails you can send in a specified period of time.

Restrictions are not good for business, because the ones you couldn’t send your emails to, might be the ones to convert.

So if for example you have sent your copies to more than a thousand people, while you’ve spent about $100, but the leads and conversion only accrues to $50 for you, that’s a huge loss!

It’s even worse if you hired a copywriter to do this for you and gave them a big check.

That has put you in the bracket in the bracket of Email Marketing disadvantages.

  • Waste of time, energy and money: Sometimes an email copy will not perform well enough to compensate you for the time, energy and money poured into preparing, curating and sending it to your contacts.

It’s not because it wasn’t good, but because email marketing can be ineffective to some audience.

Many people just put in the emails they know they won’t be checking in your sign up forms probably because of the incentive they wanted from you that they had to subscribe to get it.

They’re not interested in your emails from the beginning, so sending them is a total waste of time.

  • Unwanted Messages: If you picked people’s contacts from sources without their permission or asking if they wanted to receive emails from you, you’ll end up sending them emails for nothing.

The only results you’ll get from them is blocking, reporting your mails or even find up in their spam box for a long time.

  • Labeled as Spam: If you don’t do your email marketing right, your copies may end up getting delivered as spam automatically. This way, there would be know audience to begin with since no one checks spam unless they are doing a registration and didn’t the activation emails.
  • Design or Coding Problems: Email Marketing campaigns require designs or codes that will determine how the content will be displayed in the emails.

This means you must the technical know-how in designs or you’ve to hire someone.

Copies with media or graphics tend to perform better and look more appealing than ordinary texts.

Advantages of Email Marketing Campaigns

The following are the advantages of doing your Email Marketing right:

  • Repeat Visitors: Your subscribers are mostly your existing visitors that have browsed your site or products page at least once. One of the ways of building relationships with your readers is consistency and Email Marketing campaigns in form of Newsletters will help you do that.

You will be able to bring your visitors back to your site and gain more traffic that way, they may even make it a habit to visit your sure occasionally even if they didn’t see your email.

  • Cost-effective: Email Marketing is cheaper compared to using ads networks to advertise your products. You won’t have to pay for impressions or every click with content marketing through mails.
  • High Conversion Rates : Email Marketing campaigns when done right generate high quality leads and conversion rates. This is because you already have a relationship with your audience and know what they want. All you have to do is give them a reason to want it from you.
  • Less Annoying: Emails notifications unlike phone calls do not disturb receivers or try to stop what activity they’re presently engaged in.

It’s a form of a “attend when you are less busy” way of reaching out to people.

  • Interest-Based: A good email marketing sign up page should always have a double confirmation for subscriptions.

This way subscribers know what they are signing up for without mistakes.

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